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2015年09月 第23期 台灣勞工簡訊
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新聞瞭望3:您的健康 iCare ─ 勞工健康管理新工具
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每個人都希望辛苦工作一輩子,退休後可以過著無後顧之憂、頤養天年的生活。平時累積的退休金,決定了我們未來想過的退休生活。退休金的累積則仰賴退休金制度,而一個完整的退休金制度是由政府建立社會保險制度,企業給付勞工退休金,勞工個人視能力儲蓄,政府、企業、勞工共同架構三層保障體系。 ...PDF檔案下載
我國各級勞動主管機關受理之勞資爭議調解案件數,每年大約有2萬餘件,其中高達有99%為權利事項之勞資爭議,100年5月1日勞資爭議處理法修正施行後,已建立「調解人」機制,並將協調員轉銜為該機制,旨在透過專業、中立之調解制度,以協助當事人儘速弭平紛爭,此類勞資爭議經調解協處而成立者,近3年來約占整體案件之6成左右,惟仍有4成爭議案件,尚無法透過調解獲致解決。 ...PDF檔案下載
為延攬國際學術人才,積極創造吸引國外優秀學術人才來臺之有利環境,勞動部已放寬國際學術人才來臺工作不受6個月以下期間的限制。另為因應現行實際需要,並參酌其他先進國家之立法例,放寬符合規定情形之外國留學生、僑生及其他華裔學生等人除寒暑假之工作時間延長為20小時。 ...PDF檔案下載
99年度請領勞保年金給付的民眾,因消費者物價指數(以下簡稱CPI)累計成長率為5.45%,已經達到法定調整標準5%,因此,勞動部在104年4月24日公告,該年度請領勞保年金給付的民眾,年金給付金額自104年5月起都會調高5.45%。假設原領金額為20,000元,調高以後為21,090元,每月多領1,090元。至於98年度及100至103年度請領勞保年金給付的民眾(98年度請領勞保年金給付的民眾,於103年調整後以102年為基期重新計算CPI累計成長率),因尚未達到法定調整標準,104年度不會調整年金給付金額。 ...PDF檔案下載
因應總統、副總統與立委選舉將於明(105)年初展開,為保障擬登記參選公職人員(下稱擬參選人)競選辦事處所僱用工作人員之權益,勞動部放寬擬參選人可以檢附監察院核發之「政治獻金開戶許可函」等文件影本,向勞保局申請成立投保單位,並為所僱用工作人員辦理參加勞工保險及就業保險手續。 ...PDF檔案下載
新聞瞭望3:您的健康 iCare ─ 勞工健康管理新工具
《職業安全衛生法》規定雇主應幫勞工定期實施健康檢查,且辦理健康管理、職業病預防及健康促進等勞工健康保護事項,但是國內多數為中小企業,欠缺足夠資源做好健康檢查後的健康管理工作,為避免法規規定流於形式,因此,勞動部特別開發兩項簡易工具(E-tool),分別為「過勞風險評估及個人健康管理系統」與「職場健康服務管理系統」,讓企業可輕鬆辦理符合法規規定的事項,而勞工也可留意自己健康狀況的變化,以提醒自己做好自我健康管理。 ...PDF檔案下載
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Quarterly Focus:New Labor Pension System celebrating 10th year of retirement protection
Everyone hopes that after a lifetime of hard work, they can live a worry-free retirement and enjoying the rest of their life. The pension we accumulate determines what kind of retirement life we will have. Pension accumulation is dependent on the pension system, and a full pension system is built on the government’s social insurance system, labor pension payments from businesses, and the individual laborer’s savings capacity, hence forming a three-tier security system built together by the government, businesses and laborers. ...PDF Download
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Policies and Regulations 1:The Ministry of Labor amends "Regulations for the Mediation of Labor-Management Disputes" to strengthen dispute resolution
The number of labor-management dispute cases accepted by all levels of labor authority is about 20 thousand cases per year, of which up to 99% are disputes over rights. Amendments to the "Regulations for the Mediation of Labor-Management Disputes" that came into effect on May 1, 2011, set up an "arbitrator" mechanism which allowed a coordinator title transfer into said mechanism. The purpose of this mechanism is to assist the parties in the dispute to preempt disputes as soon as possible through a professional and neutral mediation system. In the past three years, labor disputes processed through this mechanism accounted for about 60% of overall cases, but there are still 40% of the dispute cases that could not be resolved through mediation. ...PDF Download
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Policies and Regulations 2:Relaxing the restriction of 6 month-stay for international academic talents working in Taiwan, and extending working hours for foreign students to 20 hours
To recruit international academic talents, and actively create a favorable academic environment to attract outstanding foreign talents to Taiwan, the Ministry of Labor has relaxed the restriction of 6 month-stay for international academic talents working in Taiwan. Also, in response to current practical needs, and in view of the legislation of other advanced countries, working hours for foreign students, overseas Chinese students and Chinese students have been extended to 20 hours a week. ...PDF Download
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News Outlook 1:Those applying for Labor Insurance Pension payment in 2010 will have pension amount increase by 5.45% according to the CPI’s cumulative growth rate starting from May 2015
Since the cumulative growth rate of the consumer price index (hereinafter referred to as the CPI) has reached 5.45% for those applying for Labor Insurance Pension payment in 2010, this has reached the statutory adjustments standard of 5%, and will therefore have their the amount of pension payments increase by 5.45% from May 2015. For example, if the original amount was NT$20,000, it will be NT$21,090 after the increase, an additional NT$1,090 monthly payment included. As for those applying for labor pension payments in 2009 and from 2011 to 2014 (for those applying in 2009, the increase after 2014 will be based on the recalculated cumulative CPI growth rate of 2013), since the CPI has not reached the legal adjustment standard, there will be no pension payments amount adjustments in 2015. ...PDF Download
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News Outlook 2:Broaden eligibility for labor and employment insurances for election staff employed by public officials with intent to register for elections
In response to the Presidential, Vice Presidential and legislator elections early next (2016) year, in order to protect the rights of the election staff employed by public officials with intent to register for elections (hereinafter referred to as election candidates), the Ministry of Labor intends to expand the application from election candidates for insured unit to the Bureau of Labor Insurance by presenting the attached "political contributions account establishment permission" issued by Control Yuan and other documents and photocopies, so that the staff they employ can participate in labor insurance and employment insurance. ...PDF Download
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News Outlook 3:iCare about your health ─ New Health Management Tool for Workers
The Occupational Safety and Health Act stipulates that employers shall implement regular health checks for workers, and handle health management, occupational disease prevention, health promotion and other labor health protection measures. Since the majority of domestic firms are SMEs, they lack sufficient resources for health management after performing health checks. In order to avoid having regulations becoming a formality, the Ministry of Labor has especially developed two E-tools, namely the "fatigue risk assessment and personal health management system" and the "workplace health service management system" for enterprises to easily handle matters in line with regulations, and for workers to pay attention to changes in their own health status, and remind them to perform self-health management. ...PDF Download
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