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News Outlook To Help the Unemployed Improve Work Capabilities, the Ministry of Labor Unveils Self-organized 2017 Pre-employment Training Courses For the Unemployed

In order to help the unemployed improve or cultivate job skills that facilitate future employment, the five regional branches of the Workforce Development Agency of the Ministry of Labor administer job-oriented vocational trainings in accordance with regional industrial developments and job market demands on an annual basis. Training courses such as information and electronic applications as well as digital electronic device design are conducted to cater to higher-paying sectors based on the Ministry of Labor surveys, including electronic parts manufacturing, information, and communication. In addition, courses such as digital graphic communication and visual communication design are also conducted to cater to the currently trending cultural & creative industry.

Vocational training programs organized and conducted by the regional branches in 2017 are highly diverse and include categories such as smart automation and robots, IoT applications, plumbing and electrician, precision machinery, apparel design, landscape design, construction and interior decoration, foods and baking, logistics management and travel tourism, etc. Employment rates at the conclusion of training approached 90%.

For information on courses offered, please visit "TaiwanJobs" (, or dial the toll-free customer hotline number at 0800-777-888 for more information on vocational training.

Key words: Pre-employment training; vocational training; improving employability

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