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News Outlook 2017 Global Economic Outlook & Labor Funds Investment Planning

According to forecasts by international economic institutions, the global economy is set to rebound slowly in 2017 and the U.S. will incrementally increase its interest rates, while other major economies will continue their quantitative easing monetary policies. On top of that, stock markets around the world are projected to fluctuate significantly under new Trump policies and the general election results of Germany and France. Adjustments in China's economic structure as well as the question of whether oil-producing countries will adhere to the agreement to curtail oil production will also have significant bearing on economic performances around the world.

Taiwan's domestic economic growth is swinging back into positive territory as the monitoring indicators continue to remain a green light, signaling that the economy is slowly recovering. Fundamental support for the stock market is on the increase, and relatively high yield ratios are also very tempting. However, fluctuations may become more drastic under the influence of various uncertainties, including the escalation in global trade protectionism.

In view of global market fluctuations and a low interest rate environment, the Labor Funds will continue to enhance its global diversified investment strategy in 2017 and plans for a mandate program of global socially responsible investment. Moreover, in response to increasing market volatilities, the Labor Funds planned to manage downside risk and have released the "Global ESG Quality Mix Equity Indexation Mandate" and "Absolute Return Fixed Income Mandate" in an environment where interest rates are likely to increase going forward.

Adhering to the longstanding strategies of diversified investment and surefooted deployment, the Labor Funds is devoted to performing its social responsibilities in addition to the pursuit of steady profitability. The Labor Funds will also continue to cautiously adjust its investment portfolios in keeping with the latest changes in financial situations to lower the risks associated with asset volatilities while securing stable long-term yields.

Key words: 2017 global economy; Labor Funds investment planning; global diversified investment

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