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Policies & Regulations Ministry of Labor Offers Tuition Fee Subsidies for Children of Unemployed Workers to Reduce Their Economic Burden

In order to ensure that the children of unemployed workers can attend school uninterruptedly, the Ministry of Labor has formulated the "Implementation Directions for Subsidizing the Education of Children of Unemployed Workers". Since 2003, in line with the beginning of both semesters throughout the school year, the Ministry has been providing tuition fee subsidies every February and September to children of involuntarily unemployed workers enrolled in senior high schools, vocational schools, colleges, or universities.

The Ministry of Labor stipulates that applications for tuition fee subsidies may be submitted by any involuntarily unemployed worker whose period of unemployment has exceeded one month and who has received more than one month of unemployment benefits; whose joint total income with their spouse is less than NT$1.48 million; who has not applied for old-age benefits under labor insurance; who has not participated in the Multi-Employment Promotion Program or any other similar employment promotion measure/program as of the date of application; and whose children are currently and officially enrolled in a senior high school, vocational school, college, or university. Subsidy amounts are detailed in Table 1.

Table 1 Tuition fee subsidies for children of unemployed workers (Note: Calculated per student per semester)

Category Public Private
Senior High School/Vocational School NT$4,000 NT$6,000
College/University NT$10,000 NT$20,000

In addition, those unemployed workers who are sole breadwinners of the family or have two or more children in college or university will receive an additional 20% subsidy. For example, if a worker has two children attending private universities at the same time, each child receives NT$20,000 plus an addition 20% for a total of NT$48,000.

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