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News Outlook Ministry of Labor Holds Hair and Beauty Industry Social Dialogue with Representatives to Promote Industrial and Academic Cooperation, Stabilize Employment, and Increase Salaries

The Ministry of Labor and the Taiwan Union of Hair and Beauty Professionals Association held the Hair and Beauty Industry Social Dialogue meeting on February 9, 2017. Representatives from hair and beauty industry unions, hair and beauty business entities (approximately 40 entities), the Chungyu Institute of Technology and other educational institutions, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare were all in attendance. A consensus was reached to focus on industrial and educational cooperation, stabilize employment, and increase salaries.

The representative from the Taiwan Confederation of Hair and Beauty Professional Unions stated that the dialogue was initiated due to the need to enhance education so industry professionals are better equipped with skills and knowledge of international standards, and students are better able to apply their knowledge in a professional capacity. Efforts in this direction will effectively resolve issues currently faced by the industry.

Representatives from business entities concurred with the idea of industrial and educational cooperation and are willing to invest resources, provide students with practical training courses and increase the salaries of those who are accredited by 7% to 11%. School delegates also expressed the opinion that industry-education cooperation will enable graduates to be professionally competent and fully employable.

The Ministry of Labor has created a communication platform through social dialogue. Comprehensive communication with and between social partners ensures that both industry and education voluntarily engage in the improvement of both the professional skills and salaries of industry personnel. These efforts will inspire the younger generations to pursue careers within the industry, increase the quality of their services, enhance their competitiveness and create mutually beneficial outcomes for both labor and management.

Key words: Labor Unions, Social Dialogue, Industry-Education Cooperation

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