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News Outlook iCAP Logo--A Talent Cultivation Tool that Stands for Quality Training

In response to the demand for organizational and employee talent development, in recent years the Ministry of Labor's Workforce Development Agency has been promoting quality accreditation for competency-based training programs and awarding the iCAP logo to programs that pass quality accreditation. By attending iCAP accredited training programs, participants will receive trainings on the newest skills currently on demand within their industries, thereby improving their personal career competency.

The biggest difference between competency-based programs and regular training courses is that institutes at which training are offered need to first analyze industry demand and positioning strategies, then assess a student's learning outcomes based on occupational competency standards established by government agencies or develop and provide training programs through the five-stage ADDIE process: Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. Institutes may apply for accreditation only upon completion of the aforementioned procedures. To ensure that program quality and contents fulfill industry needs and standards, the Workforce Development Agency will invite industry and competency experts to conduct accreditation reviews. This guarantees that programs on offer effectively enhance student competencies and that talent cultivation is in sync with industry demand.

The Workforce Development Agency has additionally compiled curriculum development guides and quality accreditation operational guidelines as references for training institutions. Professional staff members specializing in career competency have also been trained by the Agency to assist in the development of competency-based programs in various industries. Please visit the Integrated Competency and Application Platform ( for more information.

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