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Policies & Regulations Workers Who Have Received Old-Age Benefits Can Still Enroll in Occupational Injury Insurance upon Return to Work

In order to strengthen the job security for senior and middle-age workers, the Ministry of Labor has ordered the loosening of previous restrictions on those receiving old-age benefits of labor insurance and those over 65 years of age receiving social security old-age benefits from civil servant and teacher insurance or military personnel insurance. Now, these workers can still apply for occupational injury insurance with their insured unit if they return to work.

The Ministry further explained that the above provisions were relaxed in order to promote reemployment of senior and middle-age workers, in consideration of the fact that many still need to work even after they have applied for old-age benefit. There exists the possibility of occupational injury regardless of the person's occupation. In many recent occupational accidents, victims involved were unable to claim occupational insurance payments, because they went back to work after having applied for labor pensions and their employers did not enroll them in the occupational injury insurance. The Ministry is therefore reminding insured units who employ such workers that these workers are still eligible for enrollment in the occupational injury insurance. This will ensure workers' rights to paid compensation for occupational injuries, while also reducing employers' burden with regards to compensation. This creates a win-win for both employees and employers.

The Ministry has continued to strengthen publicity efforts through various channels in order to prevent employers from not enrolling eligible workers because of unfamiliarity with the law. The Bureau of Labor Insurance has also taken the initiative to send out notices about the relevant regulations to insured units, in order to protect the interests of both employers and employees.

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