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News Outlook Creating a Friendly and Healthy Workplace by Inviting Enterprises to Participate in Employee Assistance Program Courses

The Employee Assistance Program promotes the physical and mental wellbeing of workers in the workplace. Through the promotion of these programs, enterprises can help workers alleviate the problems and stress they face at work, in life, or those that arise from adverse health conditions, thus enabling workers to feel confidently and work more efficiently, stimulating their creativity and potentials, and creating positive work morale and productivity in the workplace.

To encourage enterprises in the promotion of the physical and mental health of their workers, the Ministry of Labor offers courses of Employee Assistance Programs, the focuses of which include workplace health, employee care, crisis management, and other topics, thereby providing enterprises with the professional expertise in the planning of Employee Assistance Programs.

The series of courses on workplace health train enterprises to be sensitive to signals of weakening physical and mental health among workers and provides knowledge on how to help workers relieve stress. The series of courses on employee care focus on planning supportive measures for individuals with adjustment difficulties, family needs, or other difficulties to ensure workers adjust to their jobs with greater ease, thus creating a friendly and healthy workplace.

Courses are available in Taipei City and Hsinchu City in September. For more information, please visit the Work-Life Balance website (

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