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News Outlook Ministry of Labor Continues to Improve Effectiveness of Labor Legal Aid and Help Workers Fight for Rights

In order to fully exert the functions of labor legal aid, in October 2016 the Ministry of Labor further expanded remuneration support for legal representation fees incurred by labor or trade union officers during adjudication to protect collective labor rights. The Ministry officially launched the litigation support information integration system on January 1, 2017, which further integrates information on labor litigation support in each county (city) government for more effective use of resources. The Ministry states that it began promoting the Labor Legal Aid Project in 2009 by providing remuneration and other assistance to labor attorneys and has continued to expand relevant supportive measures to reduce the difficulties encountered by workers during the litigation process. As of June 30, 2017, the Ministry had provided assistance in 19,834 cases and helped workers obtain more than NT$2.4 billion entitled to their rights.

Taiwan currently has a complete mechanism for assisting workers in the litigation process, and workers are encouraged to request mediation or arbitration when their rights and interest have been infringed upon. If a resolution cannot be reached via these means, do not give up hope. Apply to the county (city) government or Ministry of Labor for litigation assistance to ensure your interests.

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