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Policies & Regulations Early reemployment incentives application no longer requires attachment of a copy of applicant's national identification card and passbook!

In order to streamline administrative processes and provide more convenience to the public, the Ministry of Labor has amended the Enforcement Rules of the Employment Insurance Act so that insured individuals no longer need to attach copies of their national identification or other proof of identity documents when applying for early reemployment incentives. In addition, if the applicant's remittance account is the same as the account given when previously applying for unemployment benefits, applicants are now exempt from providing a photocopy of a passbook of an account in their own name from a domestic financial institution.

The Ministry of Labor said that unemployed workers can apply for early reemployment incentives according to the Employment Insurance Act if they find work before the stipulated period of unemployment benefit claims expires, and have been enrolled in the employment insurance program for at least three months. This amendment mainly considered the fact that applicants have already attached a photocopy of their proof of identity document and of a passbook of an account in their own name from a domestic financial institution when they applied for unemployment benefits, and should be exempt from providing copies of the same documents again when applying for early reemployment incentives. The amendment is estimated to simplify the application process for approximately 30,000 workers annually.

Keywords: employment insurance, early reemployment incentives, photocopy of national identity card and passbook

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