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News Outlook The outcomes of Taiwan’s 47th National Skills Competition

Three regional competitions in northern, central, and southern Taiwan have yielded a total of 694 competitors who went on to participate in the 47th National Skills Competition held from August 15 to 19, 2017. Five finalists screened and those who received gold, silver, or bronze award have the opportunities to participate in the 45th WorldSkills Competition to be held in Kazan, Russia in 2019.

Former Premier of the Republic of China Lin Chuan and Minister of Labor Lin Mei-chu were on the Awarding Ceremony to congratulate and award the top three winners. Premier Lin said that one of the key priorities in his administration was to strengthen the professional skills of Taiwanese workforce and enhance the development of professional talents, and the cultivation of more professional talents to inject energy into Taiwan's economic development was the goat. Minister Lin expressed that she hopes more young people can learn and master their vocational skills and recognize their important roles in Taiwan’s economic development by these skills competitions. Students should continue to expand their horizon and diversify their learning processes in order to master their vocational skills and create a better future for themselves with the useful lifelong skillsets.

In order to expand the international interaction, the 47th National Skills Competition invited national competitors from Japan, Brazil, Burkina Faso, and Morocco as well as Taiwanese competitors who were preparing for the 44th WorldSkills Competition scheduled in Abu Dhabi in October to take mock competition. This will not only enhance diplomatic relationship but also provide competitors a taste of international competitions preview, so they can make a name for themselves at the real competition and shine on the world stage.

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