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News Outlook Good news for SMEs regarding occupational health and safety! Ministry of Labor offers free guidance and assistance to improve facilities

In order to ensure the occupational health and safety of workers in small and medium enterprises, the Ministry of Labor has teamed up with local governments to promote the Small and Medium Enterprise Work Environment Guidance and Improvement Project. The project will provide free on-site guidance, promotions, and a total of up to NT$10 million towards facility improvements for enterprises employing less than 100 workers.

The Ministry of Labor said that Taiwan's small and medium enterprises account for 98% of the total number of businesses, yet many lack proper health and safety knowledge and prevention. Therefore, the Ministry will issue grants to local governments for the hiring of 31 dedicated health and safety workers to provide on-site guidance and conduct promotion for small and medium enterprises. The ministry also provides a maximum of NT$200,000 in grants per entity to improve facilities as incentives for employers to improve working environments.

By collaborating with local governments, the Ministry invites those enterprises with improved health and safety systems and who are willing to invest in worker health and safety to become core businesses in a 'worker health and safety family'. Large factories and businesses lead the way, helping to drive the promotion of health and safety in other small and medium enterprises.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration further emphasized that workers are the most important assets for employers and that many diversified and free resources have become available. Small and medium enterprises are invited to contact their local government labor authority for more information. Let us work together for better working environments and to ensure worker health and safety.

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